How Swinging can Affect your relationship?

Swinging is one of those subjects that everyone knows about, but no one talks about. Swinging is that dirty little secret that many of us have more than likely considered, but would never openly admit. Many people do actually engage in swinging and the occasional threesome – some of your friends may even do it without you even knowing! What people don’t consider concerning swinging, is how it could affect your relationship. Engaging in swinging can have both negative and positive consequences – most of which are often overlooked. This article looks at how swinging can affect your relationship, for good and bad:

The positives of Swinging – spice up your love life

There are undoubtedly many positives to swinging. This activity really can do wonders for your relationship and not just for your own sexual gratification or fantasies.
Improve your sex-life
This is obviously one of the most awesome benefits. Swinging can greatly improve your self-life. You will have sex a lot more. Your sex will become adventurous and even a little dirty. Furthermore, you may pick up some new techniques that you can put to use in your own sexual interactions.
Help you get out of a relationship rut
If your relationship has become stale and hit a rut, swinging can launch you from the abyss. Swinging can bring passion and excitement back to your relationship and help re-kindle some of the old emotions and lust that you once had for your partner.
Bring back desire and love for your partner
As time goes bay, perhaps you become comfortable, and you simply lose the range of emotions you used to have. This doesn’t mean you don’t love your partner, it may simply mean that things have become normal. Swinging can boost your desire and help you find emotions you simply forgot you had.

The negatives of Swinging – feelings of inadequacy and resentment

On the flip side, swinging can also be damaging. It all comes down to the individual person and how OK they are with swinging. If someone simply agrees to swinging, but has a deep moral objection to it, this will always cause problems. Furthermore, both people could be perfectly fine with the idea of swinging, but the first time they jump into the sack with someone else, they could feel totally different. The below are some of the main problems swinging can present:
Cause resentment between partners
When swinging, your are engaging in sexual activities with other people. How do you think you would feel when you see your partner having sex with someone else? This can often cause resentment if you are not fully mentally prepared for the process.
Cause one partner to feel inadequate
If you are both fully confident in your own sexual prowess then this should not be an issue at all. If you know that you can sexually pleasure your partner then thats perfect – swinging should be easy! If however you lack in confidence it may be a different story. If you see that someone else is pleasing your partner more than you can, you may feel inadequate or even jealous – this can again lead to further resentment.
Cause an imbalance within a relationship
If one person absolutely loves swinging, but the other person isn’t enjoying it as much, this can cause an unbalance. Both partners must be equally willing and happy to swing – if there is imbalance, relationships can deteriorate.
Hopefully you have found this article enlightening. If you are thinking about introducing swinging into your relationship, you should now be armed with knowledge and forewarning!