5 Possible Reasons your girl doesn’t respect you

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5 Possible Reasons your girl doesn’t respect you

In any serious relationship, one of the most important things is respect. If one party doesn’t have it or shows it for the other, the partnership is doomed to fail. Either that or the person not receiving respect will live in misery for a long time. In addition, this can lead to arguments and other problems. But why would a woman you love or have feelings for, lose respect for you? There are various reasons why this happens.

You Respect Other Women, But Not Her

Women tend to be the submissive partner in relationships with men. But just because she shows you respect doesn’t give you the right to treat her differently. Many men will respect other women and men, but not their partners. They do this in front of their own girlfriend which makes it worse. In the long run, it can lead to her losing respect for you as well.

She Wants Others To Join You On Dates

Nothing is worse than setting up a date with your partner only to have her invite her friends or someone else to join you. This is a clear sign that not only she doesn’t respect you, but that she rather spend time with others more than you.

She Feels In Control

In great relationships, both parties love each other mutually. But in others where one person is in love and the other one isn’t, problems arise. The same if a woman feels she ‘has you’ under her control. Before long, she will take you for granted. It is unlikely that a person who takes another for granted, respects them.

You Don’t Push Her Buttons Correctly

It is very hard to find a woman who is completely sexually satisfied by a man who is also disrespectful to him. If you are not pushing her buttons correctly in the bedroom, pretty soon she will show it. More than likely, that will mean not respecting you.

You Have Low Self Value

A man doesn’t have to be a model to get a beautiful girl to fall for him. But he does have to have high self-esteem, confidence and belief in himself. These are all attributes women love and respect. If act as if your value is lower than your own girlfriend, she will treat you that way too.

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