pete thumbnail AboutI established Today’s Gentleman in October 2010.  For quite some time I had been getting more and more disenchanted with what I saw as bad social behaviour, particularly from men.  So I thought I would create a little group on Linkedin.com to share my concerns with.  When the group grew to over 200 members from over 20 countries in three weeks I knew I had hit a common nerve. Today’s Gentleman now boasts over 1,600 supporters from over 30 countries.

Today’s Gentleman is an attempt to highlight the issue of the demise in Gentlemanly conduct and reinvigorate it.

Please participate, share, contribute, like, tweet, subscribe and whatever else it is you feel motivated to do about this issue.

I am based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and  can be contacted through Linkedin, Facebook or through the contact form on this site.

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