11 November 2010

Is it too late for Chivalry?

I have been interested in the number of definitions people have about the word “Gentleman”, but what about perceptions of “Chivalry”.

st george Is it too late for Chivalry?

When most of us hear the word Chivalry images of Knights of old in full plate-mail armour come to mind, or we might romanticise about St George and the Dragon.  Chivalric Orders used to abound in many societies in one form or another, but it seems we have lost touch with it to a greater degree in the modern era.

Can Chivalry exist in contemporary society? And if so how do we encourage it? – surely there are no rewards for Chivalry beyond that of the Chivalric act itself.

Can we bring Chivalry into the way in which we deal with people in the workplace, in sports… or would it compromise us?