13 November 2010

Did feminism destroy Chivalry??

Possibly a controversial topic but one worth pondering…

Please don’t get me wrong, I am fully supportive of feminism, and the importance of equal rights in the home and the workplace.  What I do worry about though is the uncertainty some aspects of feminism has created in relation to how a Gentleman should treat a Lady.

I have heard several stories of Gentlemen either opening a door or offering a seat only to be rebuffed or criticised by the woman involved.  They obviously mistook courtesy as some form of condescension or judgement about their ability to open a door themselves or stand on their own two feet.  When did courtesy become insulting?  Possibly when women had to fight, and fight hard, to be treated as equals.Brave 140x300 Did feminism destroy Chivalry??

The flow-on effect of this is that many men now take the easy route – they don’t even notice women around them (elderly, pregnant or otherwise).  Now I am making no excuses for these men, but in many ways it must seem safer to them – surely they won’t be set upon if they simply do nothing and ignore those around them….

A true Gentleman doesn’t use excuses, it is not something he switches on or off, it is just him. 

A true Gentleman must be brave (like the image I have included here from French Connection).  A Gentleman is not in the business of judging the ability of others, merely showing them respect, consideration and courtesy.

A sure way to have a society of less and less common decency and manners is to give up – or even more effective, criticise well-intentioned individuals.

I believe that individuals must be true to themselves and be the person they know they should be.  I think, on the whole, we all know what is right and shouldn’t let what has become accepted practice sway us.

Be Brave!