14 January 2011

A few questions answered

I thought I would provide some information around a couple things regarding the Today’s Gentleman site and International Be a Gentleman (BaG) day in FAQ style.

Q: Is this a commercial enterprise?

A: No, it isn’t. Beyond a very small margin gained through the sale of any merchandise to cover site costs no money is changing hands here.  Nor am I asking anyone for money. (To date the venture has cost me a little money)

Q: What does this Verus Ab Integritate mean?

A: Not that I’m a student of latin, but the translation is roughly “one of true integrity” – which I think is very gentlemanly.

Q: Why did you choose the 22nd February as BaG day?

A: It is the birthdate of a man whom I admire greatly, a man who was a gentleman of his time.  George Washington;  the first president of the United States,  a key influence and visionary for the foundation of a nation, and a Freemason.  Beyond being a personal exemplar of an upright man for me, the day has nothing to do with Washington’s nationality, politics or religion (or anyone’s).

GW2 235x300 A few questions answered

George Washington portrait 1797

Q: Will you be running BaG day next year?

A: Yes, we will run this every year with the hope that it positively influences those who are open to it.

Q: Are you a perfect gentleman?

A: Absolutely not, I am not sure I know many who are.  I am an imperfect man, who has made mistakes and learnt from them.  I try to be the best I can be and always learn new things.

Q: Do you think King Kong would really win in a fight with Godzilla?

A: I certainly hope so… certainly hope so.