22 November 2010

Are Gentlemen appreciated anymore?

blurryman 199x300 Are Gentlemen appreciated anymore?Sometimes I wonder if Gentlemen are even appreciated anymore or are they viewed as a awkward reminder of a past age.  It seems to me, sometimes, that many men think having to consider others all the time is a little too hard to do.  I have heard many comments about Gentlemanly conduct from other men like:

“Gee your wife has you well trained doesn’t she!?”

“Are you whipped? I gave up opening doors ages ago”

“What do you want from her…?”

Are these comments coming from a real curiosity about why I still behave in the same manner as my Grandfather’s generation?  Or are they born from a deep-seated guilt from these men who know that this is the right way to behave, and they simply don’t have the personal strength to commit to this behaviour themselves??

Whatever the reason, it is a little disappointing that good behaviour is sometimes criticised in a side-ways manner and bad behaviour doesn’t get the condemnation it deserves.

Are we losing focus?