18 January 2011

Are we too busy to be civil?

cbs01271 300x199 Are we too busy to be civil?OK, Let’s cut to the chase.

It’s all very well for me to post and for others to discuss the importance of good manners and civility but do we really have time now-a-days?

We hear about it all the time; we live in a very time-poor age, where we are constantly having to juggle the demands of our work and non-work responsibilities amongst ubiquitous communication technology.  When we are being bombarded with emails, phone calls, and demands for our attention can we really spare any for those people around us?

Personally, I feel that it doesn’t actually take that much time or energy to check on others’ welfare from time to time.  It may be that just  a simple “Are you OK?”, or “Is there anything I can do to help”  is all that is required to make a difference to that person’s day.  Surely holding a door open, sharing a smile or letting someone go before you will not interfere with your overall day.

I don’t think we need to be constant servants to others, but a kind gesture or a caring question can go a long way to spreading positive energy and good will.