19 December 2011

Being a Gentleman – Guest Post

A Gentleman – by George J Stewart

He treats everyone with respect. He treats himself with respect.

Being a gentleman is an attitude. It is an attitude about life. It is also a behavior, which can be learned and acted out. But, for a man to be a true GENTLEMAN he must have nearly an innate attitude about WOMANHOOD that respects the life giving and nurturing/caring qualities of WOMEN. He must respect women for their basic human nature and realize his own limitations as they pertain to home and family. In our society today we have made that task more difficult. It seems to me that we have denigrated the human qualities of womanhood to the point where many women do not respect their own womanhood. I think it is entirely possible that this issue lies at the heart of what is wrong in our society today.

Respect for our own humanity.

This portion is copied from my book “THE CIRCLE?

The de-flowering of womanhood has caused nearly irreparable damage to the self-respect and human dignity of woman. In truth, this virtual castration of women has led to the disrespect for humanity that permeates our society today. The increase in violent crimes against women by a dysfunctional male population is directly the result of this attitude as is the nearly five thousand percent increase in female prison population in recent years.

The basic function of humanity at its most instinctive level is to survive long enough to rear our young. We should rear them in such a manner as to repeat the cycles of life on into the future. The most important thing we as humans do is give the gift of the future to our young.

The completion of our task as humans allows us to have self-respect and human dignity. With the de-valuing of womanhood we have not made important those human tasks. Any society that does not allow half of its population the human right of self-dignity is on the path of self-destruct. I have heard it said that we must have more matriarchal leadership in order to have a more humane society. I think that may be so. However let us not forget that being female does not a matriarch make. Only with the completion of our human tasks and the wisdom gained from the proper rearing of our young does that title pass.

If you really think about such issues as the doomsday environmental issues and the advent of birth control and the overpopulation scare (which as it turns out, was only that, a scare) and the abortion /feminists movement (get a job, be somebody, which has concerned itself with ways other than being a mother for women to have value) we have lowered the human value of womanhood and the human race. When we realize as a society that women have always been in control of not only their own lives but in control of the entire human race, then we will find what is really valuable in Life. There has not been a thing worth doing in the entire history of mankind that has not been done for or because of women and family. There are a number of things that were not worth doing and that are still being done in the name of women and family.

As you read this you may be thinking that I got “off message?

I see the problems in our society as one inclusive of another. Being a GENTLEMAN is an attitude, that attitude is affected by the course of the country as it relates to home and family as well as the roles of men and women. In the same manor as the head bone is connected to the neck bone, etc. etc. there is a connection between our having respect for our own humanity and human dignity and our attitudes about how we relate to one another in our every day lives.