10 June 2011

Belonging to the right gang

Gangster Belonging to the right gangAs we develop as individuals, we learn through experience.  When we are children, we observe behaviours of those around us, particularly our family, and we get to understand boundaries.  As we grow, it becomes observations of friends, those at school, work and those we come into contact with regularly.

Through our lives we get the opportunity to interpret a vast array of observations such as these.  As we collect what we see as suitable and internalise these behaviours as appropriate for us, we are creating our own perception of “normal” behaviour.

It follows then, that if we are surrounded by people who display inappropriate, or negative behaviours, they will have an impact on what we take in and what we come to accept as the norm. Thankfully the opposite is also true…

If we surround ourselves with those of high ideals, positive dispositions, considerate natures, and real integrity – this becomes our norm.

So what are you doing to proactively control the experiences you are exposed to, how are you choosing your gang?

It goes back to the old adage I suppose, “choose your friends wisely”.

A big thank you to all the members of this, the Today’s Gentleman gang, you continue to have a great influence on me and hopefully all those in other areas of your life.