11 November 2010

Best definition of a Gentleman I have read

I had to share this, because it spoke to me as a very clear definition of a Gentleman.  Jerry Dollar, Executive and Author based in Colorado Springs, shared this with the group:

I turn to the Code of Olde as embraced by the medieval orders around the world for an answer. It all begins with integrity; knowing who one is, what one stands for, and what one is willing to fight for. To be a gentleman is to know the world around you and the people that make it up. It is a deep felt respect for the thoughts and ways of others. It is to embrace the beauty of humanity, to find the good in all those around you, and to commit yourself to bringing out the best in those you meet while bringing out the best in yourself! To act nobly in deed and word is to set a gentlemanly example!

With wide-spread conduct like this what a wonderful world it would be!

To me this is the essence of Today’s Gentleman, and my personal focus – to have some influence on thought, consciousness and behaviour in line with Jerry’s comments.