28 January 2011

Do the stylish automatically qualify?

Do clothes make the man?  Well, in a word, and in my opinion – no.Tieman 265x300 Do the stylish automatically qualify?

Quite often we will see the hallmarks of a gentleman discussed and invariably there will be comment about style or fashion.

“This season, the gentleman of distinction will be wearing European tailor made…..”

Fashion is fleeting, quite often over priced, and in many cases an elitist and exclusive activity based more on what the rich and famous are wearing  than actual style.  A gentleman shouldn’t define himself by what clothes he wears, what sort of wristwatch he can afford, or even the car he drives or where he chooses to spend his vacation.

It is good to feel confident and comfortable in what you wear – and even better when you are attracting the desired level of attention you are seeking.  But it does not make you any more a gentleman than me shaving my head makes me David Beckham.

A gentleman should be defined by his conduct, which stems from a mature and empathetic world view.  Conduct that is not a fleeting fad which will need to change next season because “mauve is the new black”.

A gentleman, is a gentleman on the inside first – whether wearing Ralph Lauren or a football jersey, whether he holidays in Milan or a caravan park.

I believe anyone can be a gentleman, and this transcends fashion, attractiveness, possessions, geography, race, religion, political persuasion or sexuality.