9 November 2010

Today’s Gentleman – Welcome

Welcome to the new Today’s Gentleman site, kindly created by one of our very creative members.

TG is a quickly growing group of Ladies and Gentlemen dedicated to bringing a bit of Gentlemanly conduct back into society.  The group started off within Linkedin.com in October 2010 and spread internationally within the first few days.

Below is a map of locations of our members thus far (click image for larer view):

TG Locations4 300x156 Todays Gentleman Welcome






The notions of Gentlemanly conduct are broad, and vary slightly from culture to culture, but they have a common essence. We hope to explore, discuss and proliferate that essence through this site.

Over the coming months this site will be developing and growing.  We welcome suggestions and input to make this a vibrant community site which grows from a group into a movement.