27 November 2010

How to drive like a Gentleman

Maybe it’s my age, the fact that I appreciate the gift of life a little more now, but I simply can’t believe the way that some people approachRoadRage How to drive like a Gentleman driving!

Some people (and they mostly seem to be male ”P-plate” drivers [those new to driving on their own]) seem to approach driving like an aggressive survival of the fittest challenge.  They will take ownership of lanes, enter intersections before they are clear, and leave zero margin for error.

This manifests itself in aggressive tactics like not letting anyone get in front of them, even if it means almost driving on the bumper of the car in front.  It also means that there is no tolerance for the person in front to do  anything less than the speed limit or slightly above.  Pedestrians are treated like ducks in a shooting gallery, and anyone on a bike as a mortal enemy.  Merging lanes are combat zones, red traffic lights are infuriating, and school zones speed limits are a personal insult. Don’t even get them started on elderly drivers!

Whatever happened to driving like a Gentleman?  Driving like the road journey was a collaborative effort to get everyone to their destinations alive and minimally stressed.  Letting people into the spot in front of you because it is actually not going to increase your overall journey time.  Being understanding when someone has made a mistake, chosen the wrong lane, or missed a change of lights….

It is not a competition, it is a group activity we all must go through and the only thing that it going to stuff it up is morons who are out to prove something!

Let’s all try something next time we get in the car: Drive like a Gentleman – be aware of everyone else using the road and let’s all engage in a bit of considerate cooperation and share the road.