13 November 2010

How to pick a Gentleman.

Gentshadow 159x300 How to pick a Gentleman.It’s a bit harder to pick a Gentleman these days. 

In times past you may have been relatively safe by picking a Gentleman by the cut of his clothes, his pedigree or his accoutrements.

Now, I believe, that being a Gentleman is much more an internal state of mind rather than being related to social class, wealth or a family name.  Therefore, it has become a little harder to pick.

So how do you pick a Gentleman?

He is the one who:

  1. although he knows himself well, is not consumed with himself, and is always looking to the welfare and comfort of others
  2. never gives his word lightly, it is his bond
  3. is never arrogant, he understands that he has much to learn from others
  4. is controlled in his conduct, until injustice or cruelty forces his hand

These are the type of men I wish to associate with, these are the type of men we all need in our lives and in society now, a society where arrogance, competitiveness, profiteering,  intolerance, dishonesty and cynicism seem to be the accepted norm.