18 December 2010

Is being a Gentleman unfashionable??

I just had a fascinating chat with a Guy I used to work with.  He is not interested in what I am doing here, or with International BaG day.  His comment:

They [women] wanted equality so stuff them,  if I get to the seat first I’m keeping it!

I then asked about pregnant women and once again he surprised me with:

It was their decision to have a baby, not mine!

So, I guess he was meaning, why should I be inconvenienced by someone else’s decisions.

It was quite revealing for me to talk to someone who had so completely switched off these traditional notions of behaviour.  I suppose I can understand how some men might use “equality” as the reason for not treating women any differently at all.  I think they are missing the point of equality though… surely it is more about equal employment opportunity, equal access and the elimination of discrimination.  So, in my opinion, this is a bit hard to defend in all circumstances.

What I cannot understand is the total lack of empathy for a woman who is carrying a baby and would need a seat more than a young, able bodied man.  Something is really wrong here!

So, I suppose there will be people that scoff at International BaG day and at anyone who says being a Gentleman is not an outdated, unfashionable thing.

But, I must respectfully say: “Stuff them!”  Something is broken here and I think we need to do something to try and rectify it.