2 May 2012

Recognising a gentleman

The world is aware of the lack of gentlemen that inhabit it nowadays. The elderly regale us with tales of their chivalry while others listen in fascination, wondering where these so called gentlemen have gone.

Ladies fear not. You can choose to continue your quest to find a gentlemen, who will open doors for you, wait for you to finish a game on http://www.partycasino.com before leaving or offer to pay. They are are still around. A gentlemen is someone who thinks of others before himself. Most men in the world do fit this criteria. However they’ve been hiding behind a persona for so long that you may not recognise it until you are alone with him.

How do you recognise a close gentlemen if you see one?

Politeness – He is polite to everyone, both in actions and in words. He holds the door for the lady behind him to go first, or says ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to the waitress or shopkeeper when he makes a purchase. He smiles warmly at strangers in the hopes it will brighten their day.

Rude gestures – Have ever heard him break wind or even swear? Then he is too gentlemanly to do so in front of you. You will know for sure if he is a gentlemen once you catch him off guard. If he seems embarrassed by his slip up in public or in front of a girl, then he is secretly a gentlemen whose parents taught him manners.

Respectful – A gentlemen is respectful of those around him, especially women. The base desire of a man is to stare at those he finds physically attractive. A gentleman tries to limit his goggling. If he cannot stop entirely he at least makes an effort to disguise it. The last thing he wants is to degrade you.

Hygiene – When a man grooms himself well and dresses well, he understands that other people don’t want to smell his odour. He keeps cologne to a minimum, but enough to override any pungent smells that develop during the day.