10 October 2011

The Charm Offensive

I thought I would share this as an interesting read, published by the Young Foundation in the UK. Keen on your thoughts.

Charm Offensive Cover WEB 180x300 The Charm Offensive

Civility can seem like an old fashioned concept and the British public tends to think we are on a spiral of decline when it comes to everyday politeness.

This report, co-funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and Economic and Social Research Council,  finds that far from a thing of the past, civility is something that people still care deeply about wherever they live, but it warns that long-term trends are making civility hard to maintain. It brings together what is known about civility from a range of disciplines and the findings of new empirical research undertaken in very different areas.

Click below for the full report:

Charm Offensive: Cultivating civility in 21st Century Britain