12 December 2010

The Perfect Gentleman.

Gentshadow2 The Perfect Gentleman.It is tempting to try and pick a “Perfect Gentleman”, an exemplar who displays the characteristics we admire as Gentlemanly.  I find it hard to choose a particular person who I see as the one true example of a Gentleman.

I have found different characteristics which I admire, and in turn attempt to emulate, from many different people (men and women).  I feel quite a bit of our behaviour is, to a certain extent, an amalgam of selected characterisitcs from those whom we have come into contact with during our lives.  If we consciously choose the elements to emulate, and the right ones, this practice will serve us well.  Unfortunately I think many people unconsciously pick up behaviours which they are exposed to and as such don’t consciously choose the most admirable.

I continue to try to choose the right examples of behaviour and attempt to improve myself slowly but surely as a result.  It is a journey.

It is also probably not easy to nominate a Perfect Gentleman as I don’t believe true Gentlemen are vain, or promote themselves or their behaviour.  They go about their lives, quietly conducting themselves in a proper and considerd manner, improving the lives of those around them.  They do not seek accolades, the small pleasure they get from the small and large acts they perform are reward enough.