10 January 2011

Today’s Gentleman – not the Victorian type

In the Victorian era a Gentleman was defined by a number of characteristics.  The purists preferred to only recognise those who qualified as a Gentleman through right of birth into the right bloodline, social status, wealth, deportment or their professional station in life.  Although it was admitted that a man cannot be a Gentleman by virtue of these qualifications alone, one had to also act up to the moral and behavioural code of a Gentleman.

Although many, when they think of a Gentleman, will inevitably draw a traditional image like that of the Victorian Gentleman to mind, this is not relevant in today’s society.

Today’s Gentleman is about redefining what a Gentleman is (and should be) in contemporary society.

I believe it is much more about the moral and behavioural virtues now, and not about the person’s surname, social class or dress sense.  Being a Gentleman is about the internal drivers of an individual.  A considered and empathetic view of the world and those around them.  The strength of character to behave well in all circumstances and to right wrongs as far as they are able.

At the moment I don’t think we have a clear definition or template to aspire to as they did at other times in history.  I hope we can collaboratively create one.