28 July 2011

What will you stand for?

It is probably a little too easy in today’s society to go about the day to day ignoring what does not immediately affect us.

I listened with dismay, a little while ago, to a discussion on television about the proposed introduction of a “Good Samaritan” law. The impetus behind this were a number of cases of individuals seeing others is desperate need of help – they were generally being attacked, or were discovered shortly after.  In these cases, not only did the individuals not provide any assistance they also completely failed to raise the alarm or notify authorities.

Now, I am not saying that we can all be Templar Knights protecting the pilgrims on their way to the Holy Lands, but as a mere minimum I thought we were all of similar enough stock to raise the alarm….

The Good Samaritan law proposal asks for there to be repercussions should an observer not raise the alarm so that the person in distress can be assisted by the proper authorities.

I am saddened that we would even have to consider this in modern “civilisation”….

Personally, I always think, what if that was me, one of my family or a friend involved…. what would I like the passerby to do?

Direct intervention can be dangerous, and in many cases not advisable, but ignoring the plight of another altogether is reprehensible.