How to cheat on your Girlfriend and not get caught?

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How to cheat on your Girlfriend and not get caught?

Chances are that if you are looking for ways to cheat on your girlfriend without getting caught, then advice will be wasted on you. No one needs to tell you that cheating is wrong and can end up ruining your relationship one day. Although these tips on how not to get caught cheating are great, they are not foolproof. Truth is that nothing is whenever you are doing the wrong thing. Nonetheless, if you still feel as though you need to be unfaithful, then by all means check out these things to avoid doing.

Use Different Phones, Mail Accounts

Leaving evidence around is the easiest ways for a person to get caught. The best way to avoid doing that is by creating different email accounts. You also may want to consider using a different phone to contact the other woman. Prepaid phones are very inexpensive and can be picked up anywhere.

Refrain From Using Her Real Name

If you decide to have this person’s name added to your contact list, avoid using her real one. This will come in handy in case you receive a text message or call from her in front of your girlfriend.

Avoid Leaving Evidence Behind

Too many people get sentimental with those they cheat with. As a result, they keep records of their affair with text messages, pictures and so on. All of that is a huge mistake because any of it is enough to get you busted.

Clear Browsing History & Use Private Mode

When having an affair some people use browsers to contact the other person. All of that info stays on your computer or mobile devices. You want to make certain that you erase all that information. Also, use private mode on your mobile phone. Doing so will not allow cookies to remember the sites you visit.

Log Out of Other Accounts & Devices

Countless of individuals who cheat get trapped because they leave their accounts open. It could be their Facebook or other social media accounts. If your partner ever finds them open, she can see all you do and done.

Avoid Side Pieces Who Want More

There is no faster way to get into trouble than dating someone on the side who wants more later. If she starts catching feelings for you, what she will do next is uncertain. She can end up making life difficult for you whenever you decide to break it off.

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