Today's Gentleman (TG) is a site for all those that believe being a true Gentleman is as important now as at any time in history. TG holds that behaviours that used to be taught to young men need to be brought to life again. Those simple, courteous and respectful behaviours, particularly in how men interact with women, seem to have been lost in today's society.

Whatever happened to:

  • - Giving up your seat for someone who needs it more?
  • - Holding a door open for someone else?
  • - Lending a helping hand when you see someone in need?

It's these little things that shape our society, and make a big difference in peoples' day.

So TG is a site for those who believe Chivalry is alive and well, and if we all lead by example we can make a difference. A site to debate these topics and recognise examples of real TG conduct.

21 May 2011

Being significant

Many times in my life, I have heard comments like, “one day I’m going to be someone“. Well, what is being someone? And do we all have to land on the moon to get there? To me, being  someone is simply being significant in your own sphere of influence. Being significant is generally achieved by playing […]

7 May 2011

Insular living

We are all given a finite amount of time on this earth, and opportunities quickly pass us by. There are those of us who live with a concern for those around us and an awareness of the broader environment in which we work and play.  On the other hand there are those who pass through life with […]

18 April 2011

Charter for Compassion

I had to share this with everyone.  A great movement that has its heart in absolutely the same place as mine. The Charter: The principle of compassion lies at the heart of all religious, ethical and spiritual traditions, calling us always to treat all others as we wish to be treated ourselves. Compassion impels us […]

14 April 2011

A Real Concern

Generally I like to post about positive things, discussions that are focused on making society a better place, and I don’t feel the need to criticize others’ points of view…. Having said that, there is a group out there that I am very concerned about.  Their ideas, I feel, are not only outdated but quite […]

31 March 2011

A gentleman, on the subject of women

Through my journey over the last six months there has been something on the periphery which has been bugging me a little.  It has been the assumption, from some individuals, that being a gentleman is in some way automatically belittling to women. I wanted to put some of my thoughts down on this. Today’s Gentleman […]

26 March 2011

Faces and facets

We are all called upon to fulfill multiple roles in life, friend, sibling, offspring, parent, colleague, team mate, neighbour and mentor to name a few.  Many people struggle with the demands of creating or defining the different personas  required for these various roles we are required to play in life within differing environments. The danger, […]

24 March 2011

7 Habits of Stylish People

7 Habits of Stylish People – Guest Post With all the information on men’s clothing that’s out there, it’s easy for a guy to go from somewhat confident to feeling almost inept. Do this, wear that, buy this, read that. It’s all a little confusing. Well, I’ll try to cut through the fluff and try […]

17 March 2011

This is just horrible!

The 1960’s don’t seem that long ago to me.. not that I was alive then, but it certainly doesn’t seem like the dark ages.  It would seem from this article below, however, that it certainly was the dark ages for equality – especially in the bedroom.  A time, it seems when marriage and love-making were based more […]

1 March 2011

Approaching the world with empathy.

I have lost count of the amount of times I have been asked by newspapers, magazines and radio presenters to list the key attributes of a gentleman.  Usually it is also then couched in what lessons am I teaching my two boys to ensure they grow up to be gentlemen. In previous posts and conversations […]

26 February 2011

Portrait of a gentleman

This is a portrait of  a gentleman as espoused by John Henry Cardinal Newman in the mid-1800’s.  I don’t actually agree with all of his points, but it certainly is a window into the age and their ideal of the gentleman. It is almost a definition of a gentleman to say he is one who […]