Today's Gentleman (TG) is a site for all those that believe being a true Gentleman is as important now as at any time in history. TG holds that behaviours that used to be taught to young men need to be brought to life again. Those simple, courteous and respectful behaviours, particularly in how men interact with women, seem to have been lost in today's society.

Whatever happened to:

  • - Giving up your seat for someone who needs it more?
  • - Holding a door open for someone else?
  • - Lending a helping hand when you see someone in need?

It's these little things that shape our society, and make a big difference in peoples' day.

So TG is a site for those who believe Chivalry is alive and well, and if we all lead by example we can make a difference. A site to debate these topics and recognise examples of real TG conduct.

22 February 2011

Be a Gentleman day celebrations

Some Ladies and Gentlemen gathered at the Regatta Hotel in Brisbane today to celebrate the inaugural International Be a Gentleman day.  A great lunch was had by all and we shared the feeling that this is the first of many more annual celebrations as this movement gathers momentum.  Thanks to everyone for your support for […]

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18 February 2011

Courtesy is Kindness in Action

Guest post from Michael Josephson, founder of the Josephson Institute in Los Angeles. As a society we have become almost obsessed with identifying and asserting our rights – to think, say, and do what we want. That’s not surprising, given the history of our country and the prominent role the Constitution and Bill of Rights […]

11 February 2011

The Butterfly Effect.

I am sure we are all familiar with the concept of the butterfly effect, an element of chaos theory.  One small act or event or a change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere. I can’t think of a more complex system than society… So, what would happen if this theory was applicable […]

3 February 2011

Are public figures less gentlemanly than they used to be?

I wonder if I look at the past through rose-coloured glasses sometimes or if things are really changing like I think they are. Are sporting stars, movie stars, musicians, media personalities and politicians becoming less and less gentlemanly (and I’m including females in this equation too), or is it just me?  I sometimes wonder if […]

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28 January 2011

Do the stylish automatically qualify?

Do clothes make the man?  Well, in a word, and in my opinion – no. Quite often we will see the hallmarks of a gentleman discussed and invariably there will be comment about style or fashion. “This season, the gentleman of distinction will be wearing European tailor made…..” Fashion is fleeting, quite often over priced, […]

18 January 2011

Are we too busy to be civil?

OK, Let’s cut to the chase. It’s all very well for me to post and for others to discuss the importance of good manners and civility but do we really have time now-a-days? We hear about it all the time; we live in a very time-poor age, where we are constantly having to juggle the […]

14 January 2011

A few questions answered

I thought I would provide some information around a couple things regarding the Today’s Gentleman site and International Be a Gentleman (BaG) day in FAQ style. Q: Is this a commercial enterprise? A: No, it isn’t. Beyond a very small margin gained through the sale of any merchandise to cover site costs no money is changing […]

13 January 2011

The curious case of criticism

I have been fascinated recently by some of the comments on the article on the ABC website. Comments along the lines that the notion of being a Gentleman was sexist, ageist, or even discriminatory. Perhaps some of the other behavioural characteristics of gentlemen in history may have been, but more due to societal norms I […]

13 January 2011

Heroism from Holland

To be honest, I really did not expect such a response to the Heroes’ Handbook, the eBook we published in the first week of January in the Netherlands. And I was totally amazed that even followers from Australia responded so well, considering that the book is only available in Dutch. Wow! Now, you may think that […]

12 January 2011

Today’s Gentleman in print

I am pleased to say that the next issue of M2 Australia will have a two page article written by me on the Today’s Gentleman mission and International Be a Gentleman day.  The issue hits newsagents on February 14th, a full week before BaG day. I will continue to write a column for every issue […]