13 January 2011 12 Comments

Heroism from Holland

To be honest, I really did not expect such a response to the Heroes’ Handbook, the eBook we published in the first week of January in the Netherlands. And I was totally amazed that even followers from Australia responded so well, considering that the book is only available in Dutch. Wow! Now, you may think that [...]

10 January 2011 8 Comments

Today’s Gentleman – not the Victorian type

In the Victorian era a Gentleman was defined by a number of characteristics.  The purists preferred to only recognise those who qualified as a Gentleman through right of birth into the right bloodline, social status, wealth, deportment or their professional station in life.  Although it was admitted that a man cannot be a Gentleman by [...]

22 November 2010 19,563 Comments

Are Gentlemen appreciated anymore?

Sometimes I wonder if Gentlemen are even appreciated anymore or are they viewed as a awkward reminder of a past age.  It seems to me, sometimes, that many men think having to consider others all the time is a little too hard to do.  I have heard many comments about Gentlemanly conduct from other men like: “Gee [...]

15 November 2010 16,154 Comments

The challenge of raising Gentlemen today

I have two boys, they are 10 and 7.  I hope that I am setting the right example for them, and I hope they aspire to that example.  Sometimes I find it hard to explain why the behaviours I encourage with them are good, when from their perspective they seem over the top.  These are not [...]