26 February 2011 7 Comments

Portrait of a gentleman

This is a portrait of  a gentleman as espoused by John Henry Cardinal Newman in the mid-1800’s.  I don’t actually agree with all of his points, but it certainly is a window into the age and their ideal of the gentleman. It is almost a definition of a gentleman to say he is one who […]

13 November 2010 20,685 Comments

How to pick a Gentleman.

It’s a bit harder to pick a Gentleman these days.  In times past you may have been relatively safe by picking a Gentleman by the cut of his clothes, his pedigree or his accoutrements. Now, I believe, that being a Gentleman is much more an internal state of mind rather than being related to social class, […]

11 November 2010 17,717 Comments

Best definition of a Gentleman I have read

I had to share this, because it spoke to me as a very clear definition of a Gentleman.  Jerry Dollar, Executive and Author based in Colorado Springs, shared this with the group: I turn to the Code of Olde as embraced by the medieval orders around the world for an answer. It all begins with […]