12 December 2010 12,521 Comments

The Perfect Gentleman.

It is tempting to try and pick a “Perfect Gentleman”, an exemplar who displays the characteristics we admire as Gentlemanly.  I find it hard to choose a particular person who I see as the one true example of a Gentleman. I have found different characteristics which I admire, and in turn attempt to emulate, from many different [...]

4 December 2010 14,506 Comments

The Gentleman’s radar

I believe that as a Gentleman goes about his day he has an active radar.  This radar is actively scanning the area and the people around him, sensing those that may need his assistance. This is in stark contrast to how many people seem to go about their days, with horse blinkers on, or tunnel vision that [...]

3 December 2010 14,131 Comments

The Buddhist Gentleman?

 I was reminded the other day by a learned Today’s Gentleman member (thanks Steve) about the Buddhist concept of compassion. In The Essence of the Heart Sutra, His Holiness the Dalai Lama wrote, “According to Buddhism, compassion is an aspiration, a state of mind, wanting others to be free from suffering. It’s not passive — [...]

27 November 2010 13,388 Comments

How to drive like a Gentleman

Maybe it’s my age, the fact that I appreciate the gift of life a little more now, but I simply can’t believe the way that some people approach driving! Some people (and they mostly seem to be male ”P-plate” drivers [those new to driving on their own]) seem to approach driving like an aggressive survival of the [...]

22 November 2010 19,563 Comments

Are Gentlemen appreciated anymore?

Sometimes I wonder if Gentlemen are even appreciated anymore or are they viewed as a awkward reminder of a past age.  It seems to me, sometimes, that many men think having to consider others all the time is a little too hard to do.  I have heard many comments about Gentlemanly conduct from other men like: “Gee [...]

18 November 2010 17,143 Comments

Why would anyone bother being a Gentleman?

Some people may think that there is no real point in being (or acting like) a Gentleman.  Why bother, right? I think by now you all probably know my take on this, so I won’t bother going into it in great detail.   I will, however, use some quotes to try an illustrate why living the [...]

15 November 2010 16,154 Comments

The challenge of raising Gentlemen today

I have two boys, they are 10 and 7.  I hope that I am setting the right example for them, and I hope they aspire to that example.  Sometimes I find it hard to explain why the behaviours I encourage with them are good, when from their perspective they seem over the top.  These are not [...]

13 November 2010 20,685 Comments

How to pick a Gentleman.

It’s a bit harder to pick a Gentleman these days.  In times past you may have been relatively safe by picking a Gentleman by the cut of his clothes, his pedigree or his accoutrements. Now, I believe, that being a Gentleman is much more an internal state of mind rather than being related to social class, [...]

11 November 2010 17,717 Comments

Best definition of a Gentleman I have read

I had to share this, because it spoke to me as a very clear definition of a Gentleman.  Jerry Dollar, Executive and Author based in Colorado Springs, shared this with the group: I turn to the Code of Olde as embraced by the medieval orders around the world for an answer. It all begins with [...]